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ROAD offers a comprehensive portfolio for your requirements. Find first-class, perfectly matched products, systems and solutions. To provide the display instruments with the right information, ROAD offers an extensive range of sensors. You will find sensors for pressure, temperature, level, as well as switches and inductive encoders. ROAD's diverse product range is rounded off by useful accessories. The development in this area is constantly progressing, which is why our delivery program is constantly expanding.
Überlastwarneinrichtungen ROAD

The Overload Measuring Device is a complete system that consists of a display unit (LLMI-LLMC) and a high-resolution extensometer to measure the current load torque e.g. on telescopic loaders. In conjunction with the vehicles hydraulics, the OMD reliably protects against overload conditions. The OMD-system meets the stringent requirements of DIN EN 15,000.

Niveausensoren Reed ROAD

ROAD offers a flexible product range for level measurement with the aid of reed contacts: through a combination of the technology used, the application to the tank, the signal or data interface to the vehicle or machine, as well as the additional desired functional scope of the sensor. Multifunctional, continuously measuring level sensors as well as basic sensors for level measurement or limit value monitoring.

Level Sensors capacitive ROAD

Innovative level measurement, wear-free and no mechanical moving parts. Specially designed for heavy-duty applications. The latest microprocessor technology, custom design of the tank characteristic, switch points and signal processing. Direct integration of CAN bus systems or conventional wiring systems. Suitable for 54, 60 and 80mm flanges, with lengths up to 1.450mm possible.


Multifunctional sensors with the functions of level measurement, temperature monitoring, heating function at low temperatures, quality determination of the urea solution and with various filter inserts. As an option, there is also integrated signal processing for CAN bus versions and a control valve for the heating circuit (engine coolant) directly integrated on the flange.


The complete package ready for installation. The fully tested and ready-to-install assembly consists of a sensor, tank with filler neck, tank cap, ventilation and, if desired, a support bracket. For the realisation, we use standard tanks and sensors as well as the possibility of customised solutions, which can be exactly adapted to the installation space and the desired tank volume of the customer, including the corresponding sensor.


DEF- (AdBlue®) Accessories

Our DEF (AdBlue®) filler caps have the same material properties as our DEF (AdBlue®) tanks and are therefore the perfect complement to maintain our quality standards throughout. Another tank component is the filler neck. Our filler necks are made of plastic (also with magnetic adapter) or steel, always matching the tank and the desired filler cap/tank lid. The filler necks are available with different nominal dimensions from 30mm to 100mm.


Temperaturgeber und -schalter ROAD

Temperature sensors and temperature switches are the basis for a sovereign temperature management in the application with different media. Our range includes temperature sensors with NTC, PTC, and platinum (Pt) acc. DIN IEC 60751. Our temperature switches are designed as NC, NO, double switch or changeover. The combination of temperature sensor with warning contact in a housing is also available from our standard range.

Abgastemperatursensoren ROAD

Our exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) are used under the most difficult conditions with extreme temperatures and changing vibrations. Humidity, deposits as well as various chemicals determine the environment of these sensors in daily operation. The measuring range of our technology extends from -40°C to over 1000°C. Furthermore, these sensors are characterised by a very fast response time.


Sensor for absolute angle of rotation measurements. Degree-accurate output with voltage signal or direct CAN communication. Robust design for heavy-duty applications. Optional standard-compliant safety version according to Performance Level D. Very high linearity and accuracy.

Anzeigeinstrumente ROAD

Indicator light modules and display instruments developed for use in various vehicles in off-road and marine applications. These robust instruments are available in diameters from 52 to 100mm with analog or CAN bus connection.

UL/LSA Anzeiginstrumente ROAD

'Ultra Light Gauges' for ultra light aircrafts. Newly developed and absolute weight-optimized display instruments for engine monitoring in UL and LSA aircraft. The instruments use the latest microprocessor technology, are reliable, innovative and the scaling has been coordinated with the engine manufacturers scale ranges and warning devices,. Designed for conventional motors and CAN bus systems such as CANaerospace Rotax iS and iS sport engines.


Individual customised solutions? No problem - we design, develop and produce on customer request with the principle "The optimal solution for every application".

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