Reliability from a single source

Quality and reliability from a single source, ROAD serves its customers holistically on national and international markets.
Reliability goes hand in hand with quality in every case, this fact does not only apply to our products, rather all activities and processes in our company are aligned accordingly.

Almost all key processes from the initial product idea, conception, development and production are carried out in-house at ROAD. In addition, the interfaces to our customers contribute to the special reliability, be it in customer consulting, integration of our products, order processing by our back office or by our service team. We understand reliability as a holistic task.


Development and manufacturing

With technical expertise, years of experience, uncompromising quality awareness, the necessary creativity and sophisticated manufacturing technology, our customers' product ideas become series products at ROAD. The perfect interaction of development and production guarantees short time-to-market times.

Experienced project management and highly qualified, motivated employees ensure smooth processes. By using state-of-the-art development tools such as FEM simulation or automated software tests, we increase our efficiency already in the development process. Our own prototype construction with 3D printer additionally supports the development department.

The areas of application of our products are predominantly in the "heavy duty" sector and thus place the highest demands on development and production. Our products are equipped for many cases. Extensive environmental tests such as shock and vibration, temperature changes at a high level and EMC tests in the laboratory are the prerequisites for longevity and reliability at ROAD.
Often our customers tell us their wishes for new solutions in the pre-development phase, without already knowing all the key data at this stage. As a development partner, ROAD takes over the development from the idea to the finished product. Our customers rely on ROAD's know-how as a specialist in the development of electronics and mechanics.


No compromise on quality

Consistent planning and control of our high quality standards, flexibility in capacity planning, and energy- and material-efficient production are mandatory for our manufacturing sites.

In automated or partially automated production, our qualified employees are the driving force on the way to defect-free products. Our employees implement high quality standards and understand prevention in its full meaning. Through continuous training measures and qualification, we ensure that our employees master processes, procedures and methods to identify and avoid deviations in the production chain.

In order to expand and secure ROAD's competitiveness and technological leadership, the use of state-of-the-art PPS and ERP systems, taking into account the entire production process chain, is essential and fully integrated.

The cooperation with our suppliers is carried out in compliance with standardized quality guidelines. We agree quality targets with our suppliers and agree how these are to be achieved. Quality assurance agreements form the basis of the cooperation with our suppliers.


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